What does it mean to select to be a member?

We are a covenantal faith community. One must select to become a member and agree to the covenant. A commitment to building a faith community together is one of the most significant aspects of church membership. People do not join a covenantal community; they constitute it. There is no “it” without “them” and each time new people join, the whole is literally reconstituted.

As stated in The Free Church in a Changing World, UUA 1963, it is the individual and not the church that makes the decision regarding membership. Individuals examine the church to see whether or not it is the kind of church with which they wish to identify themselves; the church does not examine them to see whether or not they are qualified for admittance.

According to C.S. Lewis, how true membership in a body differs from inclusion in a collective may be seen in the structure of a family. the grandfather, the parents, the grown-up son, the child, the dog, and the cat are true members (in the organic sense), precisely because they are not members or units of a homogeneous class. They are not interchangeable. Each member is almost a separate species. If you subscract any one member, you have not simply reduced the family in number, you have inflicted an injury on its structure.

Participation in the life and growth of our congregation is key for all members. Investing in our spiritual community deepens the roots and ties within our church. It enables members to take pride in and responsibility for the growth and life of this congregation as a whole. Whether it is by being a greeter, attending a class, hosting social hour, assisting with the children and youth programs, or any of the other opportunities that are available here, our members invest their whole selves in our church and take pride in its growth and beloved community.

Growth is about developing and deepening one’s experience and expanding one’s perspectives. As Unitarian Universalists, we serve to live our faith in the world. Our desire for growth is not about recruiting; it is about transforming perspectives and awareness. We strive to make a difference in the world and embody messages and values that affect lives and the social environment in the larger community. Our members are committed to social justice and living our faith tangibly and in covenant with each other.