So How Does this Affect You?

Understanding Who Does What and How You Can Be Part of It

So, you are looking at this clutter and thinking of bureaucracy run wild.  What do all these committees do that justifies their existence?  Try this little game: match the issue with the committee you would refer it to.

1. You arrive at a church meeting before anyone else.  The campus is deserted except for a tall geyser in the parking lot.  How do you get help?

2.  Two women members are in a mean-spirited controversy over choice of drapes for the Anthony Room, and this unpleasantness is spreading.

3.  You want to invite a band of Ethiopian nose flute players to give a program to raise money for refugee relief. Which groups would help you with this?

4.  You are elderly and ill, having lost touch with the church and missing friends there.  What group would respond to your need?

All these are normal human situations, and we have responsible people to assist in their solution.  That’s all a committee is for.

By the way, all committee members are people just like you:  members who volunteer to make a positive difference in UUCJ.  Volunteering is one of the best ways to learn about our organization and to make friends. You may need to “try on” a couple of committees before you find the “right fit.”  Don’t be shy about contacting committee Chairs or attending meetings.   Once you become a member, your service will make a big difference for us all!