Article IV Membership

(of the UUCJ By-Laws)

Section 1 Membership Requirements

Any person, without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or ability, who is in alignment with the covenant of UUCJ may become a member provided such person:

  1. Has attained the age of fifteen (15),
  2. Signs the membership book,
  3. Submits an annual financial commitment,
  4. Submits a traceable financial contribution within the fiscal year, not including the financial donations offered in support of fund-raising events,
  5. Abides by the congregational covenant in his/her interaction with all UUCJ members and guests.

Section 2 Membership Count

The Board shall establish an official membership count in the first month of each fiscal year and transmit the count to the UUA.

Section 3 Continuation of Membership

  1. Membership continues until:
    1. The member gives written notice of resignation to the Board.
    2. The death of the member.
    3. The person’s membership is terminated by a two-thirds vote of the Board for recurring and repeated covenant violations, or by recommendation by the Right Relations Committee. A member so terminated has the right to submit a written appeal to the congregation and the congregation may vote to affirm or negate the decision of the Board.
  2. After the Board performs its once-per-year annual membership review, membership shall lapse in January for those members who fail to meet the membership requirements of Section 1.
  3. The Board, in collaboration with the Minister, may waive membership requirements.

Section 4 Membership Benefits

Membership status confers upon the member the right to:

  1. Petition for a congregational meeting as per Article VI of these By-Laws.
  2. Vote on all matters placed before the congregation for a vote.
  3. Be elected or appointed to the Board, the Ministerial Search Committee, the Leadership Development Council, the Committee on Ministry and any other standing committee, work group or task force as identified by the Board.
  4. Be elected or appointed as chairs of standing committees, working groups or task forces.
  5. Be chosen by the board to be a UUCJ delegate and/or representative to the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Section 5 Membership Expectations

UUCJ members are expected to:

  1. Be active participants in the life of UUCJ by engaging in and participating in UUCJ’s ministries of Worship, Faith Development, In-reach and Out-reach.
  2. Assist the Minister with carrying out his/her duties and responsibilties.
  3. Attend and participate in scheduled and properly noticed congregational meetings, and vote on requirements identified by these By-Laws, the Board and/or issues raised by members at congregational meetings.
  4. Attend and participate in meetings other than congregational meetings as called by the Board and/or the membership.
  5. Help craft UUCJ’s mission and vision, and help formulate UUCJ’s short and long-term goals.
  6. Assist the Board with carrying out its duties and responsibilities.
  7. Join committees, work groups, and task forces as able.
  8. Assist with the maintenance of UUCJ’s campus.
  9. Volunteer to provide service to the congregation.
  10. Provide financial support to sustain UUCJ’s mission.