You can now securely give to UUCJ with the ease of a text message!

Text the amount you’d like to give to

(904) 593-4220

By default money will go to the weekly plate, but you can specify certain funds with a keyword. Note that when you donate via text for the first time you will need to fill out your payment details. After your initial setup you can donate easily by texting commands like:

give: It will ask you how much you’d like to give. Goes to the plate.
$50: Donates $50 to the plate (The dollar sign is optional)
$25 pledge: Donates $25 towards your annual pledge
$50 special: Donates $50 to the monthly special collection
$10 weekly: Donates $10 to the plate every week
$150 pledge monthly: Donates $150 monthly towards your annual pledge
refund: Refunds the previously given contribution
update: Update your payment method