My Journey to Improve the Health of Elephants in Human Care

Speaker: Shawn Finnell

Shawn Finnell is a collection manager at White Oak and an Executive Board Member of the Elephant Managers Association. He began working with elephants in 2006, he has experience with over 50 elephants with various management and facilities. While at the Oklahoma City Zoo, Oregon Zoo, and White Oak, he has been involved with significant exhibit and program expansions. He is passionate about leadership. animal wellness, conservation, and innovation for animals in human care.   

Special Collection: This month the special collection will be for the Tree Hill Nature Center. The Tree Hill Nature Center is a 501 non-profit organization and wilderness preserve in our Arlington neighborhood.  It is organized for the purpose of providing an educational experience for visitors to appreciate and learn about the natural environment in Jacksonville.  UUCJ has been a longtime supporter of Tree Hill.  The Arlington Community Garden founded and supported by our congregation is located on the Tree Hill property.  As we seek to learn about preserving our earth in our summer series, please consider a contribution to this organization that does so much to educate our community about the value of conservation.  

Donate to Tree Hill Nature Center:

  • During service: Put your cash or check in the Special Collection envelope during plate collection.
  • By mail: Send a check to UUCJ (make it out to UUCJ, with “Tree Hill Nature Center” written on the memo line).
  • Online: Go to our donation page and select “Special Collection: Tree Hill” from the drop-down menu.
  • By Text: Text the donation amount + “special” (e.g., “$100 special”) to (904) 593-4220.

Mini-Concert: Tim Edwards, violin and Bonita Wyke, violin

Bonita Wyke is a retired member of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra since 1986; former Staff Pianist at JU/FSCJ; Independent pianist for: Orange Park Chorale,UNF, First Coast Opera in St.Augustine, elementary/secondary schools, Prelude Chamber Music Camp, and the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra.