Sermons on Society & Culture

Sermons on Society & Culture

Father’s Day

Listen to Blanche Williams, Penny Reid, and Jeff Funkderburk as they talk about fatherhood.

Baby, We Need a Barn-Raising

Pandemic isolation has had a deep impact on mental health and community dynamics. How can we show up with authenticity—virtually and in person—as we continue to exercise caution due to COVID-19? Rev. Erin Walter reflects on spiritual resources for mental health and our calling to community care, drawing inspiration from music, Mr. Rogers, and more.

Special Collection: Read USA

Our speaker is Terrence Freeman, newly appointed CEO of READ USA. UUCJ has done a special collection to sponsor a READ USA book fair for the students of Arlington Heights Elementary School for the past 5 years. The book fairs allow each student to choose three new books for summer reading. The book fairs will be conducted in person or virtually this year depending on how the students are attending school. UUCJ is the only faith-based organization that has sponsored…

The Thrill of Victory & The Agony of Defeat

For several years these words were the lead-in for ABC’s Wide World of Sports, but they have application to our entire national life. On this Super Bowl Sunday Rev. Paul Johnson looks at the positive and negative features of our national mania for competition.