O’Leno 44

O’Leno 44

Join us at the 44th Annual Spring Retreat at O’Leno!

O'Leno State Park

May 3rd-5th, 2019

This special event brings the members of our church family together for a relaxing weekend on the banks of the Santa Fe River at O’Leno State Park. Singles, couples, youngsters of all ages, new and long-time members will all enjoy this opportunity to make new friends and strengthen our community.

Registration Fee includes:

  • Cabins located in our own personal campground area set in a beautiful wooded spot next to the river: bunkbeds, hot water showers in bath houses, dining hall, campfire ring, volleyball court, outdoor pavilions and more!
  • From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, we will have many fun activities planned for all ages (see following page for schedule and details) plus plenty of free time
  • Five delicious home-cooked meals to enjoy as we socialize with old and new friends!

O’Leno Park Recreation

  • Several walking trails are available to see the natural beauty of the park, including “The Sink”, where the Santa Fe goes underground!
  • Canoes and bicycles may be rented for short trips along the river or to take in the natural surroundings of the park
  • Volleyball court, shuffleboard, horseshoes and a well-equipped children’s playground are all in or near the group campground
  • River swimming & Fishing

Offsite Areas of Interest

  • Tubing on the Ichetucknee is a favorite activity for O’Leno goers! There is a $6 admission fee per vehicle and a small cost for tube/raft rental (or bring your own) and tubing fee of $5 per person.
  • The Devil’s Millhopper is a huge sinkhole. You may walk to the bottom if you wish.
  • Kanapaha Botanical Gardens features a bamboo collection, a hummingbird garden and an arboretum. Admission price is $7 for adults.
  • The Florida State Museum on the UF campus provides a wealth of information about our state and its resources.
  • San Felasco Hammock nature preserve features plants and wildlife.
  • Antique hunting and browsing is abundant.

Registration Fees

  • Returning Adults: $55.00
  • First Time Adults or Saturday Arrivals: $50.00
  • Returning Youth: $30.00
  • First Time Youth or Saturday Arrival Youth: $25.00
  • No charge for children 2 and under.

In addition In addition to registration fee, every camper 12 and up must complete a work crew task.

Work Crew Tasks

What is a “work crew task”? In order to keep the registration fees as low as possible (and to keep the chores fun) everyone is required to serve on a work crew. All campers, 12 and up, sign up for one of the following tasks:

  • O’Leno Staff Position
  • Meal Preparation (prepare one meal under direction of meal captain, begin 2 hours before meal time)
  • Meal Cleanup (clean up after one meal, takes about 2 hours after meal end time)
  • Final Cleanup (about 1 ½ hours starting Sunday 1PM)

Work crews are filled on a “first registered, first filled” priority!

Please choose first and second choices and be specific on day, meal and task. Kayakers should avoid Sat. breakfast cleanup and Sat. lunch prep. Tubers should avoid Sat lunch cleanup and Sat dinner prep. Sat night entertainment should avoid Sat night work.

Note: Parents are responsible for supervision of their own children with the exception of the Saturday morning youth activity. Please arrange for this during your work detail. Evening activities are intergenerational.