Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville has an “opt-out” photo and video policy for adults. Photos and videos may be taken and published of any adult individual unless a written statement requests otherwise.

However, we have an “opt-in” policy for minors. Identifiable photos or videos of children under 18 will not be published unless we have written permission from a parent.

Publishing of photos and videos includes, but is not limited to, posting on our website and social media, inclusion in emails, and inclusion in print media. Published photos and videos will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The congregation will not knowingly publish any image of an identifiable person that is defamatory, an invasion of privacy, falsely depicts a person in a negative light, or violates any other congregational policy in effect at the time of publication.
  • The congregation will obtain written permission from any identifiable individuals (or their legal representatives) depicted in images used in fundraising materials,
  • Adults may be identified in photos and videos. Past photos and videos showing children that have since aged into legal adults may also be identified.
  • The congregation will honor reasonable requests to remove or obscure identifiable individuals depicted in photos or videos posted on the premises, website, or social media accounts controlled by the congregation.

If you do not wish for UUCJ to publish identifiable photos or videos of yourself, please fill out the opt-out form below. If there are current photos or videos that we have published that you would like removed, please contact the Communications Director and they will do their best to obscure/remove the media from any UUCJ publications or social media channels.

Media Opt-Out Form