Staff Compensation

Staff Compensation

<15-29 HR/WK15-19 HR/WK20-29 HR/WK30+ HR/WKMINISTER
EmployeesBookkeeperDRE, CustodianAdministratorMinister
PayHourlyHourlyHourly, Custodian Apt.HourlySalary including housing
OvertimeMust be authorizedMust be authorizedMust be authorizedMust be authorizedN/A
BenefitsNoneOffer UUA plans, but no contributionOffer UUA plans, offer to pay up to 20% of salaryContract
RetirementPer Salary
HealthContract (pay the spouse differential)
DentalContract (pay the spouse differential)
LT DisabilityPer salary

Note: Minister health insurance is paid as the difference between the spouse’s health insurance cost with and without him.

Issues and Actions

  1. Employees need to sign a copy of the final policy.
  2. Each employee’s supervisor needs to be specified.
  3. Supervisors must prioritize tasks.
  4. Supervisors must authorize overtime.
  5. A Personnel Committee should be established to manage compensation and other issues. It may consist of the President, Treasurer, and other members.

Added per board approval January 9th, 2017

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