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Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville
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What kind of education opportunities do you have at UUCJ?

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The Adult Religious Education Committee (AREC), the Leadership Development Council (LDC), and other members of the church offer classes and workshops throughout the year. Regular classes include UU101 and Articulating Your Faith, and are considered foundational classes for UUCJ members.

  • To find our current in-person and Zoom offerings, go to the Groups & Classes page. Here you can also find groups such as Spiritual Studies, which are ongoing and meet on a weekly basis.
  • You can find website resources on our online learning page (which include our UU101 resources and our new membership packet) .
  • If you are interesting in UUCJ leadership development training, check out our page on leadership development.
  • If you’re a UUCJ member and wish to start your own adult religious education class, you need to get approval from the Adult Religious Education Committee (AREC) and the Inreach Portfolio. To learn more about that process, check out the related Board policy: Ministry-Furthering Initiatives That Fall Outside Portfolio Structure

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