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Virtual Meeting Procedures

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As we move towards more virtual meetings during the COVID19 pandemic, the staff developed a policy for booking, tracking, publicizing, and hosting virtual Zoom meetings for UUCJ activities and events. To the extent that they can, these procedures aim to mirror the general procedures for booking physical meetings on campus.

Booking Zoom Meetings

UUCJ has its own Zoom account for the congregation to use for meetings and activities. We can only host one meeting at a time on the account, no simultaneous meetings. Therefore, we need to schedule meetings so that we are not booking on top of one another. The Church Administrator will be booking the meetings in Zoom, managing it much like the the on-campus bookings.

  1. To book a Zoom meeting using our UUCJ account, contact the Church Administrator at . Let them know the title/purpose of the meeting, date and time, if it is a recurring meeting, and the contact person. Make sure to give them at least two business days notice.
  2. The Church Administrator will respond and let you know if the meeting time is available on the UUCJ Zoom account. If so, they will send you the Zoom meeting details, including the account login if you need it, Zoom link and password.

Publicizing Zoom Meetings

1. The Church Administrator will list all Zoom meetings on the UUCJ calendar which you can find on the UUCJ website ( The meeting information will include the title, time & date, and contact (but not the Zoom link or password). 2. You are responsible for communicating the meeting details to the meeting attendees. If you would like to publicize the meeting information (in the e-blast and secured Breeze calendar), be sure to pass along the information to the Communications Director at . If publicized, the meeting information will include the Zoom link, password, and all other pertinent information.

Hosting Zoom Meetings

  1. To keep our meetings secure, all meetings include a password and waiting room. Don’t share the Zoom link or password publicly (e.g., in our Facebook group or on a website or social media account). Communicate that information via private message/email only. Note that only the meeting host needs the account login. Attendees only need the Zoom link and password.
  2. For security and confidentiality, Zoom meetings enable waiting rooms by default. The waiting room feature keeps everyone joining the meeting in a virtual waiting room. The meeting host is the only person that can then admit attendees into the meeting. Ask that your attendees identify themselves with first and last names. Only let in people that you know and/or are expecting.
  3. If you have your own personal Zoom account, you are welcome to use that to schedule and host meetings on your own. But we do ask that you still let the Church Administrator know the details of the meeting so that they can publish it on the UUCJ calendar. If you’d like it publicized, inform the Communications Director.

Added by staff April 23, 2020

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