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Remuneration of Guest Speakers

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A guest speaker may be offered an honorarium in an amount determined by the UUCJ Worship Committee. The guest speaker may accept it or donate it to UUCJ.

Should the speaker accept the honorarium, it will be paid from the Worship Committee budget. If the guest speaker declines the honorarium, no funds will be drawn from the Worship Committee budget.

In the event a guest speaker expresses an intention to donate the honorarium to the Church, an UUCJ check will be cut and given to the speaker who can then sign it over and return it to UUCJ. The donated funds will be credited, unless otherwise indicated by the speaker, to the Worship Committee Budget.

Should the guest speaker requests that UUCJ donate the honorarium to another cause or organization, UUCJ will honor the speaker’s request only if the proposed recipient of the donation is one of UUCJ’s designated Special Collection organizations for the current year. If the guest speaker agrees, the check is to be signed over to UUCJ and the donation is to be credited to the Special Collection fund.

In the event that guest speakers donate the honorarium to the Church or to a UUCJ special collection recipient, the donation will be credited to the appropriate committee in a timely fashion.

It will be the responsibility of the Worship Committee to ascertain whether it is the intent of the guest speaker to retain the honorarium or to donate the honorarium either directly to the Church or to an approved UUCJ Special Collection recipient on the donor’s behalf.

Added per board approval 8/7/17

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