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Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville
7405 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32211

(904) 725-8133

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Membership Data

Data Entry

  • Anyone who attends UUCJ will be entered into the system.
  • A record is changed when a status changes.
  • Decision is made by the Church Administrator, who may designate a volunteer to enter data.
  • A record is never deleted.
  • Membership status will be reviewed each January in accordance with the UUCJ By-Laws by the President, Finance Chair and Membership Chair.
  • President will send letter re: change of membership status.
  • Membership Committee may make contact if reason for change is unknown.
  • President will send Certification to UUA by Jan. 31.
  • Data sent to the Directory will include Members, Associates and Staff.
  • Friends may opt into the Directory via email or other written communications.
  • Church Administrator may designate a volunteer to enter Directory changes into the data system. 

Uses of Membership Data Include:

  • Mailings
    • Emails
    • Paper mail
    • Can target by profile or household or any status group
    • Audiences:
      • All members
      • All email addresses
      • R. E. families


  • Membership Status counts
  • Church Programs including:
    • Committee Chairs
    • Caring Network
    • Membership Committee 
      • Contacts for special events, i.e., anniversaries, noted speakers or to reactivate interest in UUCJ
  • Directories
    • Online via One Body for members, friends and staff
    • Printed
  • Financial campaign Commitments
  • Payments against Commitments
  • Selected zip codes
  • Voting at congregational meetings 

Added per board approval June 6th, 2016

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