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Data Collection from UUCJ Members Who Resign

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In the event that a UUCJ member (as defined by UUCJ bylaws) explicitly requests to terminate his/her UUCJ membership, UUCJ will retain an electronic copy of the request.

If the resigning member does not indicate the reason for termination, UUCJ will send the resigning member a letter specifically asking the reason(s) for choosing to terminate membership.

The Church Administrator is to electronically save and file all communications related to reasons given by members for termination, and is to communicate related pertinent information to the Minister, the UUCJ Membership Committee, and to the Board President who may decide to share such information with the Board. The Church Administrator is to make the appropriate changes to membership status in UUCJ’s Church Management System (CMS), and is to allow access to such information to individuals authorized by the Board.

Added per board approval 8/7/17

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