Our faith recognizes that we are all part of a larger, interconnected web of life, and calls us to respect and care for the earth and all its inhabitants. The UUCJ Green Sanctuary Working Group is a community of individuals who are passionate about environmentalism and working together to create positive change.

We offer a variety of activities that are open to all, regardless of your level of experience or expertise. Whether you’re interested in gardening, reducing waste, or advocating for policy change, there’s a way for you to get involved.

Our group believes that the more people who are involved, the greater impact we can make in protecting our planet. We encourage you to pick an activity that interests you and join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable and just world.


Our meetings and classes are held after Sunday coffee hour (12:30-1:30) in the Anthony Room on the days listed below.

  • Every 1st Sunday of the month we alternate between Green Sanctuary meetings (odd months) and Climate Talks (even months). Our Green Sanctuary meetings focus on current and upcoming projects, and our Climate Talks focus on current and future climate reports and how we can best prepare ourselves for what is to come.
  • On the 3rd Sunday of the month we have our Adaptation Meetings. These meetings focus on how the church will be impacted by climate change and how to best adapt.

If coming to meetings is difficult for you, we offer Green Tips in the weekly e-blast with suggestions on ways to live a life that is healthier and more sustainable for the planet.

Classes & Events

We also periodically offer Healthy Eating classes, labyrinth walks, nature outings, and petition drives (check the e-blast for these). Our current petition drive is a petition to change the Florida Constitution to make it a constitutional right for Floridians to have clean and healthy water. There is a supply of petitions in the Social Hall.

Arlington Community Garden

Our Green Sanctuary Environmental Justice project is the creation and implementation of Arlington Community Garden, created in August of 2010. The garden grows organic produce for the food pantry at Arlington Community Services and is currently their only source of fresh produce. The food pantry is only funded by donations and food collections from area churches, so the fresh produce is much needed. Our grower manages the garden working with students from Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida but is always in need of regular or drop by volunteers. Please check the Eblast for garden visitation hours.

More Projects & Initiatives

It is also very important to take time to celebrate the earth and our care of it, which we do at our annual April Earth Day choral worship service.   

Members of our East Nassau Satellite reduce energy use by taking full advantage of technology. Theyavoid the multi-car 80-mile round trip drive to the church by worshiping together in the $1,000 Start Up offices. Many of them live within walking distance of each other and four UU families live in a walkable New Urbanist neighborhood with most essential services within an easy walk. Three UU families share electric landscape management equipment. When driving is necessary, they routinely carpool to events.

Professionals in our East Nassau group are active as technical resources with several of the not for profits and serving on several environmental committees for the City of Fernandina Beach. Members are currently on the Comprehensive Plan/Land Development Code Working Group, Citizen Group (aiwg.org) and will teach a course, Barriers to Success, the Geomorphology of Amelia Island, this fall for the Center for Life-Long Learning. Several members support the Amelia Tree Conservancy. One of our members wrote and narrated a movie, Living in Our Maritime Forest, that is featured on the Amelia Tree Conservancy web site, Home – Amelia Tree Conservancy.