Fernandina Satellite Committee

Fernandina Satellite Committee

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About the Fernandina Satellite Committee

They have 20 pledging members. They have Sunday attendance ranging from 12 to 30. They have three outreach projects that members support and participate in:
  • Bikes for Barnabas: They acquire, through donation, used bikes which they transport to a local bike shop where the owner reconditions them for a flat rate (charges for parts only). The bikes are then transported to Barnabas, our local social service agency for awarding them to people in need of transportation to get to work. In a five-year period they have put 300 bikes in the community.
  • Litter pick up on the coast highway: They have a sign up designating their participation.
  • Gracie’s Kitchen: They volunteer once monthly to cook and serve dinner to the food challenged in our community. They will typically serve 250 meals on their work night.


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