Committees & Teams

Committees & Teams

Below you can find our four portfolios as well as brief descriptions of the committees and teams that they house. If you want a more in-depth description of our committees and teams, you can download this handout. If you’d like to join or contact a committee or team, email the associated portfolio leader and they will help you out.


Committees in the Inreach Portfolio focus on congregants, friends, and guests. You can contact the Inreach Portfolio head at .

Adult Religious Education
Chair: Sharon Scholl
Conducts classes & occasional programs

Caring Network
Chair: Janine Leland
Provides support to the congregation and serves as a resource through neighborhood network coordinators

Children/Youth Religious Education Team (CYRET)
Chair: Contact Portfolio Leader for information
Conducts Sunday classes and special programs for children and youth

Committee on Ministry (ON HIATUS)
Chair: Lois Hoeft
Conducts evaluation of minister and mediates conflicts between organized groups

Denominational Affairs Committee
Chair: Contact Portfolio Leader for information
Manages relationships between UUCJ and other churches or UUA matters

Leadership Development Council
Chair: Karen Kempf
Cultivates leadership skills among members

Chair: Cee Cee Severin
Assists our church musicians in carrying out their duties

Right Relations Team
Chair: David Seiken
Settles conflicts between individual members

Worship Services Committee
Chair: Jeff Funderburk
Coordinates elements of Sunday service

Congregational Life Committee
Chair: Contact Portfolio Leader for information
Manages church social events


Committees in the Stewardship Portfolio focus on talent, time, and treasure. You can contact the Stewardship portfolio head at

Chair: Tom Larson
Creates the annual budget and keeps the church solvent

Chair: Meg Rohal
Oversees the UUCJ Endowment Fund

Chair: Nancy Murrey-Settle
Helps visitors become UUCJ members and encourages new members to connect with other members and committees

Mission Funding
Chair: Vince Ober
Promotes and collects financial membership commitments to annual funding goals

Chair: Darlene Larsen
Coordinates fun and engaging events that raise money for UUCJ


Committees in the Outreach Portfolio focus on service external to UUCJ. You can contact the Outreach Portfolio head at .

Chair: Lois Hoeft
Organizes our church’s participation with other churches to bring about civic improvements

Partner Church
Chair: Carlos Fraticelli
Nurtures the relationship with our partner church in Bozod

Social Action Committee
Chair: Contact Portfolio Leader for information

Special Collections
Chair: Meg Rohal
Selects civic organizations to receive Sunday offerings


Committees in the Operations Portfolio oversee our physical assets, environmental responsibilities, and Social Hour. You can contact the Operations Portfolio head at .

Campus Management Team
Chair: Steve Settle
Guides future development of expansion and modifications of the building and grounds

East Nassau
Chair: Steve Mobbs
Assists the development and functioning of the East Nassau branch

Green Sanctuary
Chair: Lynne Paradise
Ensures that we follow our Green Sanctuary commitments to the UUA and our Seventh Principle

Hospitality Team
Co-Chairs: Luis Parra and Martha Aiken
Coordinates the Social Hour after worship service

Keepers of the Church
Chair: David Laffitte
Maintains stylistic harmony of future changes to our buildings and grounds

Tech Team
Chair: Contact Portfolio Leader for information
Maintains church’s computer network and A/V capabilities and manages our live broadcast