ICARE House Meetings

Covid 19 has disrupted our lives during a time of great social unrest.  Are you like me sitting at home, watching the news—the calls for social justice and need for change—but unsure of what you can do?  Here is one answer! Join one of our ICARE house meetings and learn what the Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment (ICARE) is presently…

ICARE Community Problems Assembly

Monday, October 28 at 7 PM at Christ the King Church at 742 Arlington Rd. The Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment (ICARE) has their first big event for this year next Monday.  This is an opportunity to hear about the work of ICARE for justice in Jacksonville.  In ICARE problems are reduced to workable issues which then are presented to the city…

ICARE House Meetings

The Interfaith Coalition for Action, Rehabilitation and Empowerment (ICARE) is a group of congregations in Jacksonville who address problems of injustice in Jacksonville. Their successful actions have resulted in systemic changes, such as the use of restorative justice for youth guilty of misdemeanors. Every fall we want to hear about injustices that affect you and your…

Save the Date: ICARE Community Problems Assembly

The first large assembly for ICARE will be on November 13th at 7:00pm at Christ the King Catholic Church. The address is 742 Arlington Road. Sheriff Williams and State Attorney Mellisa Nelson will be there. Please plan to attend as we need all of our network members in attendance to hold these…

ICARE Small Group Meetings September 30th

Sunday, September 30 after church — ICARE Small Group Meeting(s?)! Coffee and snacks on the deck near the Fletcher Room. Lois Hoeft will lead in the Fletcher Room. The ICARE Team is expecting a crowd so Meg Rohal and Brian Lapinski will be prepared to lead 2 more groups in the Anthony and Channing Rooms.

ICARE House Meetings

Come, learn more about ICARE and how you can become a Justice Ministry Network member.  Help to change systems of injustice in Jacksonville! September 30th: 12:15pm, Fletcher Room — Lois Hoeft, facilitator (Lbhjax2@comcast.net) October 7th: 12:15pm, Anthony Room —  Meg Rohal, facilitator (rohal@comcast.net) October 12th: 6:00pm, Brian Lapinski’s farm,…

Show up for Justice in Jacksonville!

The ICARE (Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment) Nehemiah Assembly: Monday, April 23 at 7pm (Registration begins at 6:15) Abyssinia Baptist Church 10325 Interstate Drive, 32218 The bus from UUCJ will leave at 5:45 PM. Sign up with Lois Hoeft at Social Hour or Lbhjax2@comcast.net or 904-477-8320.

Justice Sunday

Jan. 14 is Justice Sunday!  On that day ICARE Justice Ministry Network members from UUCJ will be commissioned.  This is the group who will keep you informed of ICARE progress and promote attendance at the Annual Nehemiah Assembly on April 23.  Let’s support their efforts.