Generosity in Action (Page 2)

Generosity in Action (Page 2)

Generosity in Action for June

This month we are honoring the Bannisters as for their Generosity in Action! They are always doing their part to build community, and continue to do so much for our church. Juzer leads the covenant groups, and Maria has joined the mission funding team. Almaas has always shown dedication and love in her service to RE. The Bannisters help out with social hour, and have hosted fabulous dinners for our service auctions. They always help out whenever there is a…

Generosity in Action for May 2017

The honoree for May’s Generosity in Action is David Laffitte! David has organized and worked on many projects related to renewing and upgrading our church campus, and currently heads up the Campus Renewal Group and the Keeper of the Church Group. (Check out his article on the website for a complete list of everything that he’s done). Let us all thank David for his tireless work in making our church a safe, welcoming and beautiful space!

April Generosity in Action

This month we recognize Tom Larson for Generosity in Action. A former Board member, he has been the chair of the Finance Committee for the past two years, and he is currently heading up the Staffing Task Force. Tom is known for being very organized, and we appreciate his meticulous dedication to the UUCJ community. Thank you, Tom, for everything you do!

Generosity in Action for February 2017

Christina Ramey has worked diligently on rebuilding our website as well as brought marketing tools to UUCJ. She has joined the UUCJ Board and is heading up Outreach Portfolio, is on the Fundraising committee, and volunteers her time to assist in the church office. Thank you Christina for your selfless contribution to UUCJ!

Generosity in Action for December 2016

This month we are recognizing Lois Hoeft for Generosity in Action. She has served on the board for two years, chairs our ICARE committee, sits on the Campus Renewal Taskforce, and volunteers in Religious Education. We owe her our thanks for everything she does!

Generosity in Action: Donna Janesky

For November’s Generosity in Action we are recognizing Donna Janesky. Donna contributes her time and talent to the church in so many ways: She chairs the Special Collection Committee, helps head up the Arlington Community Garden, and volunteers regularly at our partner school, Arlington Heights Elementary School. She runs the Ethical Eating Class, is head of the Partner Church Committee for our sister church in Bozod, and she leads the “unoffical” feral/stray cat feeding efforts out of her love of…