Fundraising (Page 3)

Fundraising (Page 3)

Guest at Your Table

Coin boxes keep getting filled up until you bring them back during the Christmas holidays, but your donation checks will be accepted any time up until the New Year. Please remember to write checks to UUCJ, with “UUSC” on the memo line. Consider this your small way to help with the immigrant crisis on our southern border. The UUSC supports RAICES, an important…

Special Collection for November 17: Partner Church

UUCJ has had a long time relationship with the Unitarian church of Bozud, Romania. Several of our members have visited. Last year the minister and his wife spent a wonderful week here in Jacksonville. As part of this special relationship, we conduct an annual special collection. Carlos Fraticelli,…

Guest at Your Table

In addition to the organizations found in the “Guests at Your Table” brochures, the UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) partners with many others around the world. Support is still given the the Eco-Villages in Haiti, where some of our UU members have worked. See us at the chocolate table in the social hall for more info about this quest for human…

Thank You for the Baked Goods!

Thanks to all who donated to the bake sale! The sale at the craft fair was a huge success thanks to your generous donations of delicious baked goods. It was wonderful to see the array of goodies on display in the social hall. Congregants of all ages enjoyed the event.

Baked Goods Needed for Craft Fair

UUCJ will be holding a Bake Sale at the Craft Fair this Sunday November 10, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and is in need of your baking skills:  cookies, muffins, breads, rolls, cakes, brownies, bars, pies (whatever is your specialty) are greatly appreciated!  Maybe baking is not your forte or time is short, purchased items will fill the bill.  Bakers, this is a good opportunity to…

Guest at Your Table

Guest at Your Table begins this Sunday. Information about our annual campaign to raise money for our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee will be given out, along with coin boxes and envelopes. Chocolate sales will start on November 17. Start looking for that loose change; it all helps!

Get Your Spot at the Craft Fair!

Attention Crafters! Time is running out. It is only a few weeks until our annual craft fair. There are a few spots left. Get your application by either contacting Marge Powell ( or downloading it via this link:

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