Hamilton Tickets at Bargain Prices from UUCJ

UUCJ is in possession of a set of two tickets plus a parking pass for Hamilton ($200 for the set) all proceeds go to UUCJ.  The performance is Friday March 20th at the Times Union Center: balcony seats, row KKK. This show is virtually sold out with only random individual seats left, currently selling for almost $200 per ticket. See a great show for a reduced price and support our church:  win, win!   If you interested contact Darlene Larsen at  fundraising@uucj.org or call Virginia at the office.

Special Collection for February 16: Foster Closet

Since 2009, Foster Closet has devoted its energy to  advocating for Northeast Florida’s foster children. Located at 730 St. Johns Bluff Road, Foster Closet is a vocal advocate for foster parents and relatives as well as non-relative placements and independent living teens.   If you would like to further contribute to the future of a foster child or family in need, Foster Closet  accepts many household items.  Please check the “items needed page” at fostercloset.org for an extensive list of items needed as well as items that cannot be accepted. The items needed change often due to the changing needs of the people served, so check often. Today’s collection will provide much needed monetary assistance to the operation of this organization.

Thank You for Your Support!

Our congregation has come through in a generous way for our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The 2019 campaign raised $2,205.55 through chocolate sales, coin boxes, and personal donations. It’s heart-warming to know that we have not forgotten our global partners while we go through our period of healing and growth.

Special Collection for January 19: UUCJ Ministers Discretionary Fund

The special collection on Sunday, January 19, will be for the newly formed Ministers Discretionary Fund. Many churches have such a fund, but UUCJ has never formalized one. The UUCJ board and ministers recognized that there are situations in life that are often unexpected and may cause great financial hardship. The fund will be  administered by our ministers and is intended  to provide confidential assistance to those facing emergency financial needs. This Sunday Penny Reid and Reverend Marti will further explain the processes established by the board and the pressing need for such a fund at UUCJ. Let us generously provide funding to establish this fund for the future through this month’s special collection.

You Can Still Donate to the UUSC!

Did you find a stray envelope or coin box for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee? Our campaign is over, but if you place your donation in the offering plate, Judy, our bookkeeper, will get it added to our total. Thanks for your wonderful support!

Guest at Your Table

The  UUSC campaign for this year has come to a close. Our “guests” are on their way to keep fighting for social justice. If you want to help them, please bring your coin boxes back or write a check to UUCJ with UUSC on the memo line. We will have extra envelopes at the back of the church.

One last note about this organization: In addition to the 80 partners they support around the world, they are also exposing thousands of young adults with immersion trips and training. ThIs UU College of Social Justice is creating a new generation of faith-based justice activists.

Thank you for your loyal support.

Ballet Tickets Make Great Christmas Presents!

UUCJ is in possession of 2 donated sets of tickets for Romeo and Juliet. Each set contains two tickets plus a parking pass—all for $50 each. One of these tickets is now selling for $50—so this is a very good deal! The performance takes place at the Times Union Center, Friday, January 10, 8:00 p.m. This ballet comes from Ukraine, and features top Ukrainian artists. It is amazing! All proceeds from the sale go to UUCJ and would help contribute to the budget shortfall we currently have. Contact Darlene Larsen for more info: fundraising@uucj.org

Stocking Stuffers — UUCJ Pens

The sale of each pen supports and advertises UUCJ.

The Fund Raising Team has two types of imprinted pens for sale; both have a  stylus on the opposite end: A royal blue one that lights up our info ($3) and an attractive navy one with silver trimming ($2). Combined with stationery they make great gifts that will keep our church’s name in the limelight, literally. The pens alone are especially appropriate for future new members.

If you interested in purchasing pens see Cyd Reider, Reider, Jeanne Huebner, Arlene Anderson, Betsy Duerling, Janine Leland, Teri Mitchell, or Darlene Larsen. Penny Reid has pens for our Fernandina members. All proceeds from the pens go to UUCJ. Such a winning idea for all — we hope you will consider it!

Campaign Winding Down for UUSC

Please remember to bring back your coin boxes in the next two weeks. Any amount of coins is appreciated. A $40 donation to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee makes you a member of this effective group that supports marginalized people in the U.S. and around the world. A recent grant was given to our Florida Panhandle communities to document their post-hurricane devastation.
Final sale of Fair Exchange chocolates will take place before the congregational meeting this Sunday.

Guest at Your Table

When you donate to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, you are supporting an organization that has received four stars from Charity Navigator for the last seven years. Please bring your coin boxes on December 22, 24, or 29. Checks can be placed in the offering plate anytime this month or given to Cyd Ryder at the UUSC/chocolate table in the Social Hall after the service. Many thanks for your support.