Arlington Community Services Update

We exceeded our goal of 3,000 pounds of food contributions from Sunday collections and the Arlington Community Garden! Thanks to all of you who made that happen.

We have raised our goal for 2,020 to 3,200 to continue our practice of service to the Arlington Community via our food contributions. You have donated 117 pounds so far this year, including 8 lbs. from Arlington Community Garden. Donations of 62 pounds per week will put us at 3,200 at the end of 2020.  It makes Carlos’ day when he delivers your contributions to ACS on Mondays and they weigh the groceries in. Thanks to Linda Leon, who volunteers at ACS and backs Carlos up when he cannot make deliveries.

We previously reported that the Special Collections for ACS raised over $700. Our bookkeeper Judy Anderson informed us few days back that additional contributions came in, bringing the total to $1,072!

Arlington Community Services Update

A joyous Happy New Year to all! UUCJ members and friends, you contributed 3,115 pounds of groceries to Arlington Community Services during 2019. The 2019 total contributions are high for the four years that we have been tracking donations. Last year’s total includes the produce grown and contributed by Arlington Community Garden. This December, we helped to feed 319 clients, 18 of them homeless, and assisted 15 clients with rent/JEA.

Our accumulated total food contributions to ACS for the last four years is 11,075 pounds.

We have set the goal for 2020 at 3,200 pounds and hopefully we will be able to exceed it! Thank you to those who bring something regularly. We hope this continues. However, if everyone who attended services brought one or two items each Sunday, we could easily exceed our goal.

We very much appreciate the $732 in donations raised for Arlington Community Services the Sunday before Christmas and Christmas Eve. We were hoping to exceed $1,000 to facilitate rent and utility subsidy that ACS helps out when individuals are having a crisis. If you did not get a chance to donate, you can go to the giving page on our website and make an online donation. Please annotate the gift as going to the Special Collection for ACS.

Current grocery needs are: dry potatoes, Hamburger Helper, pasta sides, rice sides, rice, jelly, pasta sauce, laundry detergent, snacks, and gently used children’s books. We are so grateful for all you do!

Hooray! 3,014 pounds in Arlington Community Services Contributions!

Thanks to you for continuing your Sunday contributions and to the Arlington Community Garden for their donations to Arlington Community Services.  UUCJ has matched its previous high of 3,000 pounds achieved in 2017.  We have three more opportunities to donate food toward ACS: the next two Sundays and Christmas Eve. Remember, on Christmas Eve we will be taking groceries, but our goal will be to raise $1,000 in cash to support the ACS efforts to help with utility and rent shortfalls.

Merry Christmas from the ACS Support and Transport Group: Linda Leon who volunteers at ACS, Barbara who is my backup, Marianna Van Hyning, our previous coordinator, and Carlos Fraticelli.

3,000 pounds and $1,000 for Arlington Community Services – We can do this!

This week we delivered 72 pounds toward our goal of donating 3,000 pounds of food contributions. We were also able to honor the ACS request for slightly used children’s books — Karen Smith-Scott donated over a dozen new children’s books that were in excess because Little Library was well supplied. Thanks for reading notices that ACS sends to us on their needs.

On Christmas Eve, we will be taking up a Special Collection for ACS. We are hoping that the collection will allow us to contribute $1,000 or more. Remember that Arlington Community Services help needed individuals with stopgap contributions for rent — ACS also needs cash in addition to your generous donation of food.

Arlington Community Services Update

Thanks for keeping contributions coming.  You started December with 67 lbs. on Sunday, and the Arlington Community Garden indicated they donated 6 pounds of fresh produce in November and 21 pounds in October.  If we can pull off a couple of 100-pound Sundays, we will be creeping toward donating 3,300 pounds, or maybe 3,500 is possible this year.

Mary Louise Weber, executive director of Arlington Community Services, sent us this message of thanks and has identified their most significant needs at this time:

We are thankful for so many blessings at Arlington Community Services! We had a great turnout for the Crop Walk to end world hunger. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed with so many donations of food and monetary donations in November. We were able to feed 340 folks, 23 homeless, and helped 12 with rent and utilities. As we celebrate the holidays, we ask for the following to help those less fortunate in our neighborhood: Hamburger Helper, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, dry potatoes, canned meats, canned pasta, pasta sauce, Jiffy cornbread mix, snacks, mixed vegetables, canned potatoes, laundry detergent, socks for the homeless, and gently used children’s books.

Thank you, and have a blessed holiday season!

Arlington Community Services Update

Thanks again for your contributions — you exceeded 100 pounds (105) for the second time in November! Donations this month have been 56, 110, 77, and 105.  Thanks for the uptick in contributions as Arlington Community Services continues to feed less fortunate in Arlington Community. Our YTD total is  2,784 pounds that includes Sunday and Arlington Community Garden donations.

Arlington Community Services Update

You are all on a roll! UUCJ Members and Friends donated 110 pounds of groceries this week, bringing the YTD total to 2,602 lbs. You gave 56 lbs. last week. I project that we keep this pace that we will exceed our goal of contributing over 3,000 pounds. The cupboards are still bare at Arlington Community Services. How about another 100 pounds next week? Thanks for helping feed those who are less fortunate.

Update from Arlington Community Services

Calling on All UUCJ Members with food in their cupboard to continue your efforts to help those in need in the Arlington area by continuing to donate to Arlington Community Services (ACS).  UUCJ members and friends gave 56 pounds this week and 54 last week.   ACS needs the following items:  Hamburger Helper, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, canned meats, canned pasta, pasta sauce, Jiffy cornbread mix, snacks, mixed vegetables, and canned potatoes.  We, all ACS donors, including UUCJ, helped feed 361 folks this month, according Mary Weber, ACS executive director.

Arlington Community Garden has a new Grower! 

Welcome to our new grower, Nichole Butterman! She will be working with the JU students and is looking forward to setting up some UUCJ volunteer days (TBA). We also want to thank Alice Shinkos for being our grower from April 2018 to April 2019. She will continue to help with the garden as her time permits. We are very fortunate to have these talented ladies involved in our UUCJ project!