Announcements (Page 7)

Announcements (Page 7)

New Virtual Meeting Procedures

As we move towards more virtual meetings during the COVID19 pandemic, the staff developed a procedure for booking, tracking, publicizing, and hosting virtual Zoom meetings for UUCJ activities and events. To the extent that they can, these procedures aim to mirror the general procedures for booking physical meetings on campus. Generally, they require that meeting…

An Update from your Ministers

Rev. Marti and Rev. Roberta are pleased that so many of you are stepping up to offer programs and tech support during this time of virtual church. You will begin to see your Worship Associates taking a bigger role in the Sunday services beginning this Sunday. Both of the usual Sunday morning adult education opportunities (Spiritual Studies and Playing with Ideas) are now…

Arlington Community Services Update

ACS UUCJ Teamsters delivered 35 pounds of groceries to ACS and 30 pairs of new socks for the homeless. I talked Mary Louise Weber, Executive Director of ACS, about cash contributions. She indicated they do not have a PayPal or similar connection on their website. ACS could use the donations during these trying times. If you want to donate instead of purchasing food, you…

After-Auction Clearance Sale!

Our UUCJ Silent/Online auction was very successful, we had 4 times as many bidders as last year and more than doubled earnings.  Many thanks to all the participants who made this a success! We had fun and raised needed funds for UUCJ, however we still have a few remaining items along with some additional new ones…thus the UUCJ After Auction Clearance Sale was born.  One…

Phone Check-Ins

Members of UUCJ who are part of a special COVID19 caring call team will be contacting each one of you over the next week or so, if you have not  heard from one of them already. We want to hear how you are doing, how  your spirits are, and what if any help and support you might need.

Mid-Week Message from Rev. Marti

“How to Cook a Life”—first delivered in 2009—seems timely again now as many of us rediscover or discover the practice/pastime of putting together meals. #stayinghome #zoomdine You can listen to the mid-week message here:  

Pastoral Conversation Thursday Evening

Feeling stressed as the weeks go by? Finding new insights and even joys in this new way of being in the world? Join Rev. Roberta and other congregation members for a pastoral conversation about the challenges and perhaps the unexpected insights garnered from the ongoing need for social distancing. Zoom in on Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. Zoom link:…

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