Announcements (Page 43)

Announcements (Page 43)

Earth Day Choir Begins

Everyone is invited to join our choir to honor Earth Day. Our program is at the worship service on April 23, and our rehearsals begin on March 12 at 12:30 in the chapel. Music readers and non-readers are welcome. CD’s with chosen parts are available for home practice. For further information or encouragement, call Sharon Scholl at 904-853-6158

Green Sanctuary Meeting

March 12  (12:30-Fletcher Room) Anyone interested in the environmental efforts of our church is encouraged to attend our “Green Sanctuary” meeting Sunday, March 12 (12:30-Fletcher Room). We will only meet quarterly and will have lots to discuss, so come if you can. All are welcome. The more hands on deck, the more good work we can do!

Labyrinth Walk First Sunday

March 5 at 10:15 Join us for a monthly Mindfulness Meditation at the Labyrinth!  Walking the labyrinth is a spiritual practice that can bring focus, equanimity, and clarity.  Walk with others as we trace the sacred path the first Sunday of each month, through June.  We will begin at 10:15, but you can join in anytime.

Special Collection for February

The special collection for February 2017 will be for The Women’s Center of Jacksonville.  The Women’s Center of Jacksonville provides a multitude of services to our community. Their mission is to improve the lives of women through advocacy, support and education.  Today’s collection will be for The Community Education Department of The Women’s Center which consists of the…

Sign-Up Sunday

 Sun, Feb 29th after service On Sun, 2/29 immediately following the Sunday Worship service, we will have our annual Sign-up Sunday event.  This is your opportunity to check out all the committees and groups that we have available here at UUCJ.  This will be a FUN event with lots of fanfare and atmosphere. In this week’s and next week’s Order of Service, you will find a…

Healthy Eating Class

While the Healthy Eating Class will not take place on Feb 19th, we urge you to attend a movie screening of “Eating You Alive”: Feb 19th, 12-2pm, followed by a physician panel discussion 2:15-2:45 @ FreshJax, 111526 Lake Meade Avenue Unit 101. Register through FreshJax.

Vespers Service

UUCJ will be launching a new weekly Vespers service on Saturday, February 18 at 7 pm. Vespers is a service of evening prayer in the Christian tradition. Our Vespers services will be held regularly every Saturday evening. They will offer a sacred time of song, meditation, prayer, reflection, and contemplation. All are welcome.

Martin Luther King Parade

Members of UUCJ are invited to march or ride with members of BBUUC in this year’s Martin Luther King Parade on Monday, January 16. Park near the Prime Osborne Convention Center and take the free shuttle bus to the beginning of the parade in Lot J at Everbank Field by 10AM. For more information or if you would like to ride instead of walk, please email or call David…

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