Leadership Summit Goals

Last August your co- transition ministers hosted an information gathering Leadership Summit attended by board members and committee chairs, helping them to find out about congregational roles, responsibilities, and hopes for what a successful year together might look like.

Last Saturday, January 11, as promised, they held a mid-year meeting, once again checking in with the 23 leaders who were present, and then brainstorming a list of possible achievable objectives by summer and the end of the ministers’ contract with UUCJ.  After a voting process, the following goals/objectives were selected:

  1. To create a process and hold conversations to discuss what draws people to or discourages people from being part of our congregation. The questions are why are we not more diverse, why do we have so few youth and younger adult members, and why do people leave?  Responsibility: Minster Rev. Roberta and the Transition Team.
  2. To fill the current vacancies on our committees. Would changing the name of these from “committees” to “teams” with what this might mean for how they function, enhance participation, and communication?  Responsibility: Rev Marti and members interested in leadership development.
  3. Explore ways to increase income the rest of this fiscal year. Responsibility: everyone on board and committees in stewardship portfolio OR a small task force.

Look for more information and  updates in future e-blasts, ministers’ reports, and Sunday bulletins.

Guest Speaker Bio for January 5: Donna Janesky

Donna Janesky is a 48-year member of UUCJ who spent over 50 years working as a nurse in acute care, Hospice, and Long Term Care. After her “official” retirement she was a consultant assisting companies achieve quality assurance awards from the American Health Care Association. She is interested in healthy eating, and teaches the Healthy Eating classes here at UUCJ.

Special Collection: Arlington Community Services

Founded in 1989, Arlington Community Services has been providing emergency support to individuals and families in need.  UUCJ supports their work year round through our food collections and fresh produce from the Arlington Community Garden. In addition to food assistance, ACS provides monetary assistance for housing, utilities or medical needs when a crisis occurs. It has been our UUCJ tradition at the holidays to contribute toward these much needed funds. Recognizing our neighbors needs and our own blessings at this time of the year, please give generously. Please make checks out to UUCJ with Arlington Community Services in the memo line.

We will be collecting during service December 22 and Christmas Eve.

Social Action Film Series at BBUUC

Suppressed: The Fight to VoteBuckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church invites us to watch:

Suppressed: The Fight to Vote Documentary
January 18, 2020
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

BBUUC, 8447 Manresa Ave.

Will include a panel discussion, Q & A, and actions you can take immediately. Join us and #UUthevote in 2020.

Hooray! 3,014 pounds in Arlington Community Services Contributions!

Thanks to you for continuing your Sunday contributions and to the Arlington Community Garden for their donations to Arlington Community Services.  UUCJ has matched its previous high of 3,000 pounds achieved in 2017.  We have three more opportunities to donate food toward ACS: the next two Sundays and Christmas Eve. Remember, on Christmas Eve we will be taking groceries, but our goal will be to raise $1,000 in cash to support the ACS efforts to help with utility and rent shortfalls.

Merry Christmas from the ACS Support and Transport Group: Linda Leon who volunteers at ACS, Barbara who is my backup, Marianna Van Hyning, our previous coordinator, and Carlos Fraticelli.

History Wall Tours

Praises to all of you who have participated in the History Wall.  But have you had time to read the wall?  Rev. Roberta and the Transition Team have planned some times when the Social Hall will be open so you can come in to read the stories.  You will also have the option to stay and discuss what you have read.  Were there surprises?  How do the stories fit with your experience?  Here are the times:

  • Thursday, December 19 at 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 21 at 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

This will be unstructured time, but give yourself enough time to read and discuss if you are so inspired.