Speaker Bio for May 12th: Basma Alawee

Basma Alawee is a wife, a mother, a humanitarian, a Muslim, an engineer, a teacher, a writer and an activist who arrived in the United States as a refugee from Iraq.  Upon arriving in the US she realized that she came with significant advantages: a college education and a fluency in English.  It became her passion to help others like her succeed.  She has volunteered with Lutheran Social Services and World Relief to help translate and adjust new refugees to this country.  She has helped create online classes for Arabic speakers to get their GED, and she worked as the secretary of the local Iraq Family Organization.  She is now director of the We Are All America campaign in Florida advocating for refugee rights.  And, as a result of all her hard work she was selected as the Florida delegate for the United Nations Human Rights Council Refugee Congress.

Online Portion of The Service Auction Now Open

This is the Silent part of our Service Auction, it includes art, household and garden items, wearables, furniture, collectibles and collections, many of them treasures donated by our members who can no longer keep them.  We think you will find the items both interesting and useful, all with very reasonable starting bids.  Getting there is easy, just click on the link below, registration is required the first time you visit, visits afterward just require email and password, all information is safe.  <


Last year we opened up a Dessert Bar at the 2nd break of our Live Auction, it was a hit!  We will do a repeat performance, but need your help…please consider donating a dessert, just drop if off in the Social Hall Sunday May 19th on your way to service, we sure would appreciate it!  We still have a few volunteer slots open for the 19th, contact Darlene Larsen: fundraising@uucj.org  Thanks to all who have already donated their Gifts of Time and Talent, Services and Items, what a huge team effort this is, but what fruit it bears!

Donation Time for Service Auction

We can hardly believe that the Service Auction (Sunday, May 19) is right around the corner.  We want to make sure we have your donation, and that it is correct before the Catalog goes to print.   This can take a little time,  so it’s best to submit now rather than wait until May 9th… so looking forward to receiving all the interesting and creative events that UUCJ members have up their sleeves!   Donation forms are available on the E blast, Website, the door of the Church and Social Hall Bulletin Board.  Questions?  Contact Darlene Larsen: fundraising@uucj.org

Be a Voting Delegate at the UUA Assembly!

If you’re planning to attend this year’s UUA General Assembly in Spokane, Washington, please reach out to a Board member if you are interested in being a voting delegate. UUCJ is allotted five delegates (based on the size of the congregation), and each delegate must be certified and submitted by the church. You must be registered to attend, either in person or electronically, in order to be named a delegate. Off-site registration is $160, and allows you access to many of the workshops, all of the worship services and lectures, and the business meetings (where voting occurs.) If you’re interested, please check out the website, at www.uua.org/ga. If you’ve never attended a General Assembly, this will be a wonderful experience!

If you choose not to register at all, you can also live stream the worship services, lectures, and the business meetings. The worship services and lectures are awe-inspiring!

The UUCJ Board President, Penny Reid, lived in Spokane for 35 years and can attest to it being a wonderful city – the downtown park (where GA is located – in the convention center) is beautiful, there’s lots of great shopping, and Spokane has countless wonderful restaurants. The convention center is walking distance from the downtown area, and most of the shopping district is connected by an extensive skywalk system.

Pastoral Care

During the past several months several people have asked about the availability of Pastoral Care for UUCJ members. We have reached out to Buckman Bridge UU Church, and they have graciously offered their assistance. They have several chaplains available for rites of passage, including weddings and funerals, as well as a trained Pastoral Care Team available for short-term counseling when needed. If you are in need of assistance or chaplain services, please call Buckman Bridge directly: Call the main church office at (904) 276-3739; or email Chaplain@BBUUC.org or call (904) 638-5482. Reverend Patricia Ray, head chaplain for Buckman Bridge, will be in our pulpit on May 5th to talk about their program, including an upcoming training for lay Pastoral Care Team members. (This does not replace or duplicate the wonderful work of the UUCJ Caring Team but provides a different focus and type of service.)

Chancel Table Update

We all love seeing the chancel table decorated each Sunday, and the church has struggled for the past few years to have a sustainable system for responsibility for decorating this table. (In case you’re not familiar, the chancel table is next to the chalice!) The Worship Committee has recently found two generous volunteers within the congregation to take on decorating the chancel table on a regular basis. They will be taking six-week rotations, and likely will leave up a seasonal installation for that length of time. They are investing their own time, talent, and treasure in this work, and we ask that you respect that by not dismantaling or distrubing the chancel table decoration in any way. If you need to use the sanctuary and the table is not appropriate (e.g. wedding, memorial service), please move the table rather than dismantaling the decorations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Worship Committee Chair Katie Dalbey.