Speaker Bio for July 21: Bowen Barrs

Bowen Barrs is a native of Jacksonville, but left at age ten to live in Colorado, Arizona, and Clearwater before returning in 2008. He and his husband, Jake, celebrated 31 years together this month. They are the proud parents of two dogs, two cats, a canary, and assorted fish.

Bowen is a hair stylist and massage therapist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and worked as a flight attendant back when the Wright brother’s flew. In the past he’s been known to tread the boards in community theater performing comedy, drama, and musicals. When time permits, he volunteers at the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

UUCJ Library

Nichole Butterman and her daughter organized and added to the collection of books at the church library. They are organized in sections: “children”, “teen”, “educational”, “spiritual”, and “world.” Nichole will be adding reference labels as she has time. They could use a magazine rack (or a kid’s book rack) for the larger children books, if anyone has one they could donate!
Thank you, Nichole, for all your hard work! And everyone should check out the library, located next to the restrooms near Fletcher!


Plastic-Free July Display, July 21

The Green Sanctuary Committee will have a display downstairs in the Social Hall after the service.  We will focus on re-usable shopping bags and produce bags, with a demonstration on making bags from old T-shirts.  If you have any bags you would like to show, please bring them in.  And if you have any extra re-usable bags you no longer need, consider bringing them to church to give away to others.
Could you do without plastic for a month, or a week, or a day?  Help to address the plastic waste issue and learn more about the Plastic-Free July challenge at  plasticfreejuly.org.

Campus Closed to Events/Meetings the Week of July 23rd

This is just a reminder (and notification for those of you who were not aware of this) that our whole campus will be CLOSED to meeting groups the week of July 22nd for the annual GIRLSROCK Summer Camp. GIRLSROCK will involve the use of our WHOLE CAMPUS which will therefore be closed/unavailable for any meetings and/or group events.
If you have a meeting or event scheduled for that week, please locate a new venue.

Speaker Bio for July 14: Rev. Carmen Emerson

Rev. Carmen Emerson was ordained in 2010 by the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2010, where she served as intern minister and interim associate minister. She is in full fellowship with the UUA and currently serves as secretary of the Board of the UU Ministers Association. Rev. Emerson served the historic UU Church of Meadville, Pennsylvania for five years, and most recently the Greater Nashville UU Church for the past four years. Having recently relocated to Jacksonville with retired husband, Jim, Rev. Emerson currently serves as a chaplain for Community Hospice & Palliative Care, and as affiliated community minister for Buckman Bridge UU Church.

Plastic-Free July Display, July 14 and July 21

For the next two Sundays, the Green Sanctuary Committee will have a small display for “Plastic-Free July” downstairs in the Social Hall after the service.

  • July 14th: Ways to reduce plastic use, and plastic alternatives.  If you have any items you would like to show or ideas to share, please bring them in!
  • July 21st: Re-usable produce bags and grocery bags.

There will be a demonstration on making produce or grocery bags out of old T-shirts. Also samples of homemade mesh net drawstring produce bags Please bring in any other type of re-usable bags that you have to show, and any extras you would like to give away to others.

Help to address the plastic waste issue and learn more about the Plastic-Free July challenge at plasticfreejuly.org.

Conversation Jars

Ever wonder why you see people staring at their I phones during social hour? Don’t quite know how to start a conversation with newcomers? Want to get to know some folks a little better? Well, we have the answer for you. The CLC is going to have something called CONVERSATION JARS  placed on the tables in the social hall. There are some for kids, teens, older adults, and everyone in general. All you do is take out a strip of paper, read the question, respond to it, and give your table mates a chance to give their input. Save the strips and return them to the jar when you are finished. We will try and put the jars out weekly. Hope you enjoy it!

FLIC’s University Without Walls

Basma Alaweee, Florida Refugee Organizer of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, invites us to join the Political Education School as part of FLIC’s University Without Walls. It will be September 28th at the Florida Coastal school of Law. The Political Education School will be implemented through 8-hour training (a full day from 9 AM-6 PM) addressing 4 topics:

1. Root Causes of Migration
2. Ideology and The Freedom Papers
3. Anti-Blackness, Racism and White Supremacy
4. Gender Equity and LGBTQ Rights

Register at bit.ly/uww2019