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President’s Letter

The success and survival of UUCJ relies on the contributions of many members.  The Worship Committee, Music Committee, and Minister coordinate a great variety of wonderful programs.  But we do not see the work done by many others.

When things need to be repaired, the grounds … read more.

Message from The President

A lot has happened in the last 2 months.
There are many positive changes at UUCJ: 

Sunday services have continued to strengthen in variety and quality due to the hard work of the Worship Committee, Music Committee, Worship Associates and so many behind the scenes members who … read more.

President’s Letter

We are finishing up the first quarter of the year.  Things certainly do change a lot.  The Azaleas are blooming, our Governor is criticizing children whose parents recommend masking, and Europe is embroiled in a major war.  The arrival of spring was a good bet, … read more.

Message From The President

Hello everyone,

The bad news is that we did not get to resume in person services in September.  The good news is that Rev. Lee Anne will deliver her first sermon at UUCJ on Srpt 12th.  We look forward to the start of a bright future.

New … read more.

President’s Message

Two weeks ago, the Board approved the Ministerial Agreement that was sent to all members. We are truly fortunate to be reopening in September with Rev. Lee Ann Washington as our minister. She brings the experience and enthusiasm that we need to reestablish in-person services … read more.

President’s Letter

It is always nice to pass along good news.

The good news includes the selection of a new minister. The Ministerial Search Committee has recommended to the Board that Rev Lee Anne Washington be our next minister. There will be a presentation and discussion after the … read more.

President’s Report

Several years ago, the committee structure of the church was changed to coordinate the many activities in the church.  With the decline in membership and limitation in programs over the last several years, several committees are not active.  When issues arise, Board members are assigned … read more.

Message from The President

April has been a busy month for UUCJ.

The ICARE Nehemiah Assembly featured Lois Hoeft, Brian Lapinski and Meg Rohal as moderators and over 100 UUCJ members as attendees. The program was very well organized, speakers were well prepared, videos from persons affected by the system … read more.

Letter from The President

The UUCJ Board has been busy this year. In January, we have met on two occasions to plan for 2021. 

The first session was to discuss the UUCJ governance structure and the roles and responsibilities of each board member.  We have organized an excellent group dedicated to … read more.

Letter from The President

Dear UUCJ Family,

I know that there are those of us who are anxious to be able to gather physically on the UUCJ campus and be in community together. The Board totally understands this desire to be together again. However, we continue to feel strongly that we have … read more.