Our Gang Outings: 2016/17

Oct. 11, 2016
Start Time: 4:00 PM
Cummer Art Museum for Free Tuesday Night – Dinner at their restaurant and tour the museum, which is free.
Gerrie Cunningham 904-353-7831

Nov. 20, 2016
Start Time: 12:00 Noon Leave UUCJ
Tour and Music at Stetson Kennedy’s Literary Landmark Home & Beluthahatchee Park – Reservations required – Limit 40 individuals – $10 Donation is Recommended.
Call Carlos Fraticelli, ASAP to make your reservations 904-894-4660

Dec. 2, 2016
Start Time: 11:00 AM
Friday Musicale Concert
Nancy Ratnour 904-200-1329

Jan.  , 2017–
First Friday Time:
American Beach Museum, Amelia Island – Remember the Ferry Times if coming from Beach
Ann Winfree 904-246-8858

Feb. 8, 2017
Ravines State Park to view the Azaleas – Palatka
Barbara Robinson 904-874-2603

Mar. 12, 2017
Main Library Concert – Sunday Afternoon at 3:00 PM
Lois Hoeft 904-725-1946

Apr. 5, 2017
Agricultural Museum in St. Johns County
Alice Ricker 904-372-7914

May , 2017
Underground Downtown Jax Tour – Date will be provided at later time after research.
Yanella Parra 904-477-7728

Jun. 16, 2017
Lunch at St. John’s Cathedral and Karpeles Museum
Leisla Samson 904-745-7803

Clothes for the Needy

UUCJ will begin collecting clothes and shoes for the needy by joining forces with St. Paul’s Methodist church at 8264 Lone Star Road, where their volunteers staff a separate building on their premises (The Clothing Closet), and those in need can shop for items. People can come every Tuesday from 1-4 pm and make selections, which are free of charge. We will participate by placing a clothes hamper in the social hall, where you can place used items you wish to give away. Donna Janesky will periodically empty the hamper and take the items to St. Paul’s for distribution. So – clean out those closets! And thank you for your participation.

Healthy Eating Class: Oct 23, 12:30 Fletcher Rm

Lisa Franzino, Certified Vegan Chef, will present “Setting up your Kitchen for Healthier Eating”. This will cover many areas- pantry items, utensils, cooking paraphernalia, spices and condiments, and much more. In addition, she will be making a yummy dessert for all to sample. All are welcome – omnivores, vegetarians, vegans – we all want to eat healthier. Bon Appetite!

Women Over 50 Group: Fall 2016 Update

UUCJ’s Women Over 50 group will meet on Oct. 13 & Oct. 27 in the Anthony Room. The Nov. 10 meeting will be in the Regency Square Public Library conference room rather than at the church.  No regular meetings in December.

Town Hall Meeting Follow-Up

The comments at the Town Hall meeting on Sept. 25 were valuable input as we continue plans to Preserve, Revitalize and Expand our campus.
These are the accesses that were mentioned in the Town Hall meeting:

  • To see drawings of the proposed plans go to: uucj.org/campus-renewal.
  • To view the 50th Anniversary service go to uucj.org, click on “live link to our 10:45am Sunday service”, click on bars in upper right hand corner, click on videos.
  • To comment on any of the plans send an email to pre@uucj.org.

Arlington Community Food Bank needs Food

The Arlington Community Services (ACS) food bank is always in need of more food to distribute to Arlington residents in need. We challenge our members to each bring a can a week to the church. The donations are collected in a bin and on shelves located outside the Sanctuary doors on Sunday mornings, so you can easily leave your donations as you enter the service. The list of needed items is as follows:

  • canned meats
  • dry beans
  • green peas
  • cookies
  • cold cereal
  • dry milk packets
  • pork and beans
  • snacks/crackers
  • soup
  • jelly
  • plain rice
  • toothpaste