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Volunteer to be a Childcare Worker for the Nusery

We are working on re-establishing the UUCJ nursery, which will be a wonderful way to welcome families to our Beloved Community! To make it work, we need childcare volunteers to step up and oversee the little ones. If you’re interested, please contact Kathleen Renee () and the Church Administrator () so that we can run a background check (paid for by UUCJ).

Minister’s Message for January 2023

Dear Ones, Our liturgical theme this month is “The Path of Finding Our Center.”  What does that even mean? What comes immediately to mind is the way moments of appreciating my natural surroundings can often quiet the prioritizing, strategizing, and negotiations continuously taking place in the recesses of my mind. Last Friday evening, as I was packing my car for the long ride from White Stone to Jacksonville, I stopped to take a call from Tina as we were also…

Labor of Love Workday January 14

Saturday, January 14, 8am-Noon Meet at UUCJ to spruce up and repair where needed. One area of focus is cleaning up the Barton Room for use as the nursery. Other suggestions are welcome. Please contact Steve Settle at if you have any questions.

Minister’s Message for December 2022

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Our liturgical theme for December is “The Path to Wonder.” That path invariably leads me to contemplate sources of light – the stars, the moon, the sun, the torch, and the candle in the window. Research estimates that eighty to eighty-five percent of our perception, learning, cognition, and activities are mediated through vision. No wonder we associate darkness with death and destruction. When it is dark, we either can’t see at all, or we are seriously limited…

Labor of Love Work Day

Saturday November 19, 8 AM to noon.  Meet at UUCJ to spruce up and repair where needed.  Opportunities for improvement include grounds cleanup, deck repair and decluttering the south wing rooms. Other suggestions are welcome. Please contact Steve Settle at if you have any questions.

Help out with our Thanksgiving Potluck

Bring your favorite dish to share! We need volunteers for the following: Saturday Set-up Set up the Social Hall on Saturday November 19th (tables, chairs, tablecloths, decor) Sunday Set-up Set up outside tables on Sunday morning before the service.  Make coffee and drinks, set out food (warm up dishes as needed, carve turkeys, etc.) Donations of a turkey or ham. Clean-Up Crew The most important people!  We need a large crew for cleaning up, loading dishwashers, and putting away tables…

Letter from the Minister for November 2022

Dear Ones,  Our liturgical theme for November is Path to Change. When I realized this, I laughed out loud. Sometimes I think the Universe is playing jokes on me and other times, like now, I think the Universe is giving me just what I need – whether I like it or not! You and I are being given an opportunity to explore the role of change in our lives – both its pain and its possibilities.   A Unitarian Universalist congregation…

President’s Letter

The success and survival of UUCJ relies on the contributions of many members.  The Worship Committee, Music Committee, and Minister coordinate a great variety of wonderful programs.  But we do not see the work done by many others. When things need to be repaired, the grounds need to be cleaned, rooms need to be organized, or any of a variety of other jobs that need to be done, members of our community step up.  They quietly do the work and…

Join the Fundraising Team

If you have creative skills such as photography, writing, crafting, decorating, cooking/baking, or computer skills, the Fundraising Team could use you for their annual fundraising projects! Contact Darlene Larsen for more info.

Mission Funding Campaign Cottage Meetings

The Mission Funding Campaign this year includes Cottage Meetings, small gatherings to discuss the programs planned for 2023.  We hope to generate a lot of interest and enthusiasm for our activities that start in January 2023. Meetings are planned at the following locations: Downtown and Westside – October 25 at 6 p.m.Hosted by Jennifer WolfeFood will be provided. Southside – October 26, at 2 p.m.Hosted by Hope Clayton & Gary RhodesLight refreshments will be provided; bring drink of choice if…