Campus Closure

In order to comply with the Florida State and CDC recommendations regarding social distancing and safety precautions related to the coronavirus pandemic, our ministers and board have made the decision to close the UUCJ campus, effective immediately,  except for essential staff activities (checking the mail, writing checks, etc.).  Staff will be working from home as much as possible, and have been hard at work developing alternative ways of doing their regular work activities. We will be informing ​the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office of this decision, so they are aware that there will be limited personnel on campus.

In addition, please know that O’Leno is cancelled, as the Florida State Parks is closing to all overnight activities for at least the next two months.

If you have food items for the Arlington Pantry, we ask that you take your items directly to the pantry, which we assume is better able to handle donations at this time (and no doubt needs them).  This eliminates the need for people to come to the campus to collect and deliver your donations.

We are committed to the health and well-being of everyone in the congregation, and hope that you are managing well in this uncertain time.  Please reach out to your ministers (Marti Keller,, and Roberta Finkelstein, if you need assistance, or want to participate in their virtual “office hours.”

Small Groups Meetings on Campus

From the UUCJ Board President and Ministers:

Because of concerns about having large group gatherings, and out of an abundance of caution, UUCJ has made the decision to cancel live Sunday services at least until April 5. However, we are not closing the campus. You are welcome to continue to meet in your small groups and to continue your regular community programming. The decision about whether or not to cancel is yours to make at this point. We hope that you will take into account the importance of voluntary social distancing as a way to combat the spread of COVIC19.  This article explains how social distancing can help ‘flatten the curve’ of contagion:

March Event Updates

All on-campus events have been canceled for the foreseeable future (please see announcement) In addition to hosting Sunday worship services remotely, please note the following event updates for March. There may be changes, so check back frequently:

  • The scheduled Sunday March 22nd open conversation after the service about shared ministry (and how to recharge the many congregational teams/committees here at UUCJ) has been postponed until later in the spring. We are continuing to monitor and assess the best health and safety practices for our beloved community. Until otherwise announced, our Sunday services are still being held, with the usual streaming and other off-site viewing options.
  • Rev.Keller is regretfully canceling her Margaret Fuller Tea and conversation on Saturday,March 21. She is observing strict social distancing for the duration of the pandemic situation, and will not be with us in Jacksonville for the indefinite future. She hopes—for so many reasons—to be back with us later in the spring and may schedule another
  • Depending on RSVPs and possible changes in the caronavirus situation, Rev. Keller will be hosting the gathering in observance of Women’s History Month. Please let her know if you plan on attending:
  • Rev. Keller will be holding remote pastoral care office hours Wednesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. Please contact her for an appointment at or text her at 770-265-2193.
  • Spiritual Studies will be suspended until further notice.
  • Playing with Ideas will be suspended until further notice.

Caring Candles

Tina Ramey is our UUCJ Communications Director.  Her grandmother Inga Huggins, who raised her, passed away on March 4, 2020 at 85 years. She died peacefully in hospice care. Our deepest  sympathy goes out to Tina and Paul and their family.

Playing with Ideas

Upcoming Topics:

March 15:  Founding Myths: Why the United States was not founded on Judeo-Christian Beliefs – Fred W. Hill

Playing with Ideas meets 9:30-10:30 a.m. Sundays in the Anthony Room.

Note: Though our in-campus worship service is cancelled, Playing with Ideas will continue to hold meetings on campus until further notice.

Spiritual Studies

Spiritual Studies meets 9:30-10:30 a.m. Sundays in the Channing Room unless noted otherwise.

March 8: God In All Worlds: Anthology of Contemporary Spiritual Writing by Lucinda Vardey. Current topic: Revelation: Archetypes, Myth, Ritual

Format: Relevant material to be read out loud by participants is provided by the facilitator or presenter at the beginning of each session, followed by a lively discussion. So, no prep or homework required, no need to purchase books, and ALL ARE WELCOME!

Note: Though our in-campus worship service is cancelled, Spiritual Studies will continue to hold meetings on campus until further notice.

Arlington Community Services Update

Mary Louise Weber, Executive Director of Arlington Community Services, is most grateful for your wonderful “Souper Bowl of Caring” contributions in February. We so appreciate you. We fed 229 clients, 20 homeless, and assisted 10 clients with rent. Thank you for helping us share God’s love in Arlington!

Current needs are Canned Tuna, Canned Chicken, Canned meat, Canned tomatoes, Dry potatoes, Hamburger Helper, Pasta sides, Rice sides, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pasta sauce, Crackers, Snacks, Laundry detergent, Bar soap, and socks for our homeless folks. We are so very thankful for your generosity!

We had a low week for contributions this week with only 20 pounds, with one donor giving eight cans.  We were saved from this low by Arlington Community Garden that contributed 70 pounds in February.  UUCJ’s weekly donation average is 81 lbs.  While we are on pace to donate more than in 2019, we have to remember the empty shelves at ACS and the increased number of ACS clients.  Thanks for your generosity, and please look at the list above to purchase donations for the coming week.

Caring Candles

Kathleen Renee’s father, David, has been hospitalized this past week and is now suffering from dementia.  Thoughts and prayers of support would be greatly appreciated by David, his wife, Diane, and Kathleen’s family.

Path to Membership March 8

Path to Membership will meet on Sunday, March 8, at 12:15 in the Anthony Room. All are welcome to come for conversation, information, and an opportunity to sign the Membership Book.

Choir Practice for Spring Concert

Calling all singers! Our Spring concert, themed “Choir and Poetry” will be on Sunday April 26th.  Our practices will start 6 weeks out, which equates to Sunday March 15th!  (That’s 2 Sundays from now!)  So, start warming up your voices and get ready for some serious practice!