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Concert with David Roth

SUUSI favorite, David Roth, will be in concert at UUCJ Saturday, January 13 at 7pm. Linda Plummer will sell tickets each Sunday. Advance tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children 17 and under. You can buy tickets at the door for $20 for adults the night of the concert. If you won’t be at church, mail a check made out to UUCJ to Linda Plummer, 12866 Huntley Manor Dr,…

Guest at Your Table

Please keep dropping coins in your UUSC boxes. Bring them back to church on the 24th or 31st. Checks and envelopes can be put into the collection plate the next three weeks. Greeting card sales will end this week; chocolates will be available until we sell out. Many thanks!

Join the Fundraising Committee Sunday!

Want to help plan some fun events that raise money for UUCJ? Come join the Fundraising Committee! We are planning the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner and Spring Service Auction. We meet this Sunday 12/17 from 12:15-1:30 pm in the Darwin Room. Email for more info.  

Three Weeks Left for Fundraising

Remember to review your “Stories of Hope” brochure for this year’s ‘Guests at Your Table.’ Our UUSC is doing important work in the South Pacific with islanders affected by climate change.  In Texas, we are helping refugees and immigrants navigate the system.  The crisis in Myanmar is now getting global attention, but the UUSC has been working…

All Souls Photos

If you brought pictures in for our All Souls Service back on Oct 29th and would like them back, they are in the front office waiting to be picked up.  You may pick them up on Sunday after service, or anytime during office hours, Mon – Thurs 9a-3p (please call first to make sure someone is here).

Renew your pledge for 2021!