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Happy Birthday!

Next week we celebrate the birthdays of Mary Wood on 11/22, Mary Kramek on 11/24, and Jeanne Huebner on 11/25. Please give them a call or send a card to let them know they are special. To get your birthdate added to our database, please email Barbara Robinson at

Chocolate Sales for Our Global Partners

The first $200 batch of chocolate went well, so here’s another opportunity to support our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.  $10 bag  = 50 dark chocolate minis; grown by small farmers of the Equal Exchange. Cyd Reider will deliver it to you in the next few weeks. Contact Cyd at  or text me at (484) 769-3194

Caring Candles

Mary Claire Van der Horst is now in the Palm Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Room R108A, 5725 Spring Park Road, Jacksonville, FL 32216.  She would greatly appreciate cards and notes. Regine and Herbert Conradi, Berlin, Germany, send their regards to their UUCJ friends. They are well and looking forward to returning to Jacksonville. 

Wish the World a Happy New Year

For the final service of this year on December 27 our musicians will have a special program.  We’d like at the very end to feature a screen of as many members of our congregation as possible to have their pictures featured with best wishes from all of us.  If you have a video with you waving, that would be super.  Your cell phone will do the job.  Or if not, just…

Letter from The Minister

My favorite nineteenth century Unitarian minister is James Freeman Clarke who served the Church of the Disciples in Boston for nearly 40 years. He is responsible for inaugurating a great number of the features of our contemporary congregational life. One aspect of his religious vision escaped him during his lifetime—extensive, systematic, and effective cooperation among…

UUCJ Birthdays

We celebrate the birthdays next week of Lynn Shad on Tuesday, November 17, and Lynne Paradise on Wednesday, November 18. Pleased give them a call or send a card to let them know we care. If you have had an unacknowledged birthday, we are sorry. Please contact Barbara Robinson at, so we can update our data base with the date of your birth. 

Caring Candles

Evelyn Sherwood was transferred to Cypress Village for the continuation of her rehabilitation program.  Please send cards and notes to her home address. Her daughter, Elizabeth, will bring them to her. Mary Claire van der Horst was admitted to Baptist Medical Center after a fall. She will be going to the Palm Garden Center,  Spring Park Road, for rehabilitation within the…

Speaker Bio: Rev. Carmen Emerson

Rev. Carmen Emerson is a Unitarian Universalist minister in full fellowship with the UUA and a member in good standing of the UU Ministers Association and the UU Society of Community Ministers. She was ordained by the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she served as ministerial intern and interim associate minister. She has also served as the settled…

Covenant between Board and Rev. Paul

Dear UUCJ Members and Friends —In October, the UUCJ Board and Rev. Paul participated in a gathering facilitated by Rev. Carmen Emerson to help us develop mutual goals for Rev. Paul’s time with us.  We also used that time in part to craft a covenant between the Board and Rev. Paul that will serve as a guide to how we interact with each other.  To see this…

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