Board Covenant


February 2020, Accepted by Board 2021, Feb 2021

Mission of the Board: The Board is responsible, directly or through delegation, for leading our Church to carry out our congregation’s mission. We supervise and accept responsibility for the stewardship of the Church’s financial and business operation, human resources management, the use and maintenance of its property, and the policies and procedures under which programs operate. We ensure that these policies and procedures are consistent with our Unitarian Universalist Principles. We serve our congregation and strive to make decisions that will enable our organization to be a vital spiritual and social force today and in the future.


We, the members of the Board of Directors of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville, agree to enter into this covenant, promising one another our mutual trust and support to carry our responsibilities.

  • We will make decisions to carry out the goals and objectives of our Church with concern for its overall vitality. We will be guided by long-range planning, balancing the needs and challenges of our members, programs, staff, facilities, and finances.
  • We will treat each other, Board members, staff, or Congregants, with respect.
  • We will actively look for all points of view on important issues.
  • We will honor dissenting views, agreeing to disagree, when discussing issues within the Board.
  • We will work with the other members of the Board to express our point of view in a
    constructive way when we feel we cannot support a Board decision.
  • We will maintain confidentiality when requested.
  • The Board Secretary will send out an agenda and supporting documents at least seven days before the upcoming Board meeting.
  • We will respect freedom of speech and the responsibility of our positions.
  • We will not use contemptuous or critical speech about our fellow members, Congregants, or paid staff.
  • We will be supportive of each other’s efforts and will give freely encouragement and praise.