ICARE Nehemiah Assembly 2023

UUCJ has been a member of ICARE (Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment) for over 20 years.  Members of UUCJ have served on many research committees and the executive committee. Lois Hoeft served on the steering committee for youth civil citations for 10 years until they became a part of the culture of Jacksonville. Part of that action included 4 Neighborhood Accountability Boards (NABS) being formed in Jacksonville – the Northside, West, Beaches and Arlington. The Arlington NAB happens at UUCJ. NABS are run by the Teen Court with volunteers from the local community to hold youth accountability for non-violent misdemeanors. This keeps many youth away from having an arrest record. UUCJ pays $1000 as basic dues for ICARE.  However, there is also a campaign for individuals to invest in ICARE so that dependency on grants is lessened.  In 2022 UUCJ members personally invested close to $13,000 in the organization.

During the last 10 years UUCJ has been recognized twice as the Pacemaker for the year.  This is based on our participation through the year, attendance at the Nehemiah Assembly and our investments.

The 2023 Nehemiah Assembly will be April 17 at Abyssinian Missionary Baptist church at 6:45 PM.  Transportation by bus from UUCJ will be available at 5:45 PM. Barbara Robinson will be in the social hall Sunday with issue updates and a sign-up sheet for the bus.

Convincing city leaders to implement solutions to injustices in Jacksonville depends on the power of numbers at this assembly.  Plan now to participate! Will do! Got it! Done!

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