The Board Needs Additional Members

The UUCJ Board currently has 5 members (out of 8 members specified in the UUCJ Bylaws). 5 members are required for a quorum. Currently one member is out of the country until the end or October. So, the Board cannot conduct any official business (including the regular monthly meeting) until the end of the October. Additional members can be appointed by the Board President with the consent of the Board to fill vacancies. Appointed members serve until the next congregational meeting (planned for Dec 11 th this year) and may be elected for two consecutive three-year terms. Any member who would like to be appointed to the Board for the next 2 months please contact any member of the Board: Vince Ober, Teri Mitchell, Nancy Murrey Settle, Yanella Parra or Meg Rohal. If you would like to be elected to a three-year term on the Board, please contact Karen Kempf () or any member of the Leadership Development Team. Let’s make UUCJ the vital and energetic organization that we need.

With appreciation,
The UUCJ Board

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