Security Updates from The Board

Security Updates from The Board

Dear Ones, 

We want to update you on what we have learned about our security concerns. Members of the board and members of the staff met with Det. Matt Bolan, a member of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s Intelligence Division.  He assured us that from all the information that he was able to review, he did not see any indication that we are being targeted by the Gangster Disciples or any other known gang. He also confirmed that the police have made several arrests related to the activity on our campus.

The lack of a connection between those who recently committed crimes on our campus is on one hand a relief. It means that we do not have to take extraordinary measures to ensure our personal safety. We can discontinue engaging paid security for events on the campus. We should, however, continue to use common sense precautions appropriate to any public gathering such as: 

  • Not leaving personal valuables unattended 
  • Not leaving personal valuables in your car

We additionally advise congregants to refrain from coming on campus alone or at night, unless there is a group event taking place. 

On the other hand, the lack of a connection between those who recently committed crimes on our campus does, however, mean that we continue to be vulnerable to opportunistic criminal behavior. This is not likely to change anytime soon given the nature of the communities adjacent to our campus.

We are attempting to thwart criminal behavior by upgrading our camera system and window and door alarms. We have also established our campus as a JSO stop station, which encourages police officers to use our campus to take a comfort break and write their reports here. Finally, we are developing a Security Team which will monitor the campus during Sunday morning services. 

We have every reason to believe that these efforts will deter opportunistic crime on our campus. We will keep you apprised.

The Board
Vince Ober, President
Teri Mitchell, Vice President
Nancy Murrey-Settle, Secretary
Munsell Mcphillips, Treasurer
Meg Rohal, In-reach/Out-reach Portfolios
Yanella Parra, Operations Portfolio
Rev. Lee Anne Washington, Minister 

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  1. Thank you so much for your vigilance in this matter and continued communication about it to our church community!

    Sara May

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