Church in the Time of Covid

It will be great to be back in-person in our own chapel for a service that feels familiar. Because of lingering precautions from the Covid epidemic, we will have some small adjustments to get used to for awhile.

  1. In order to be able to trace any infection that might occur, we’ll have to know who attends our services in person, so be prepared to have some kind of check-in.
  2. We are cautioned about shared materials, which would include offering plates, so your contributions may be placed in the lock box in the entrance area before and after the service. Those who are with us electronically should follow their regular contribution process.
  3. Everyone will wear masks at all times unless drinking coffee after the service. The ushers will supply a mask for any lost or forgotten one.
  4. Social distancing is not required, but avoid clustering in tight groups and, please, no hugging!
  5. Hymn singing is not recommended for groups as large as our congregation, but nobody says we can’t dance them so be prepared to learn a simple gesture language we can do together as our masked hymn leader sings the words.
  6. We will have a mini-concert by Tim Edwards, so plan to come by 10:45 to enjoy this special treat.
  7. Joys and Sorrows must be communicated before the Sunday service, since the worship assistant won’t be at a screen to read the chat box. The same is true for announcements. For the 11/28 service only, please notify Sharon Scholl at of any items you would like to be part of the service. Members attending via Zoom are welcome to share among yourselves by using the chat box.
  8. While we plan no formal classes for children, child care will be available during the service for children up to eight years of age. Older children are welcome to participate in the service.
  9. We will have coffee available after the service in the Social Hall. You are welcome to bring your own cups and snacks if you are staying for afternoon meetings.

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