Opportunity for Community! Triennial Survey Results

Ready to reconvene? We have been apart for far too long. Zoom has been great and we will continue with hybrid services and some meetings. Many of us have been vaccinated, but some of us are not able to be vaccinated so we will continue to wear masks while on campus when we return in September.

The Triennial Survey told us a bit about our church community and what we would like to focus on as we come together. Lifespan Faith Development, Membership, and Social Justice are the areas you told us matter to you. You can view the results of the survey here.

Here is your opportunity to build back our church community. Pitch in, get involved, make a contribution to our future. Or, in the words of the covenant we have made as members, offer your unique gifts, talents, time, energy, and financial support

The following committees and teams need you: As part of a Lifespan Faith Development program the Adult Religious Education Committee (AREC, Sharon Scholl , Chair, or Tessie Bond, ) and Children and Youth Religious Exploration Team (CYRET, Munsell McPhillips, Portfolio Leader, ); Membership (Nancy Murrey-Settle, Chair, ); and Social Justice (Teri Mitchell, Portfolio Leader, ). The UUCJ community also needs people to work on the Mission Funding Campaign( Vince Ober, Chair, ).

Answer the call and get involved. Contact one of the above-named committee leaders to let them know you are willing to be on the team. The Board will be meeting on August 24th via Zoom between 4 and 6 pm to flush out plans for our congregational community between now and December. Look for a Zoom link next month and be a part of building back our Beloved Community.
In the meantime, check out the results of the Triennial Survey and see what you can do.

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