President’s Letter

It is always nice to pass along good news.

The good news includes the selection of a new minister. The Ministerial Search Committee has recommended to the Board that Rev Lee Anne Washington be our next minister. There will be a presentation and discussion after the Sunday service on 6/13/21.

More good news. The service auction was a great success. Thanks to Darlene Larsen and the team that organized such a fun and successful event. And thanks to the many members who contributed so much to the auction.

And the UUCJ Tech Team has outfitted the social hall for multiplatform presentations. Any group that would like to host a meeting now can have 2-way communication with folks who would like to attend remotely. The Tech Team is working to also equip the chapel and other rooms for multiplatform or hybrid services and meetings. This will allow for the safe participation of as many people as possible.

At the July meeting, the Board will review our goals for 2021 and how successful we have been. Mike Plummer has completed the Congregational Survey. The Board will also discuss the survey results and consider ways to have a discussion of the results among members of the congregation.

COVID-19 cases continue to decline in the Northeast Florida Area. And although unvaccinated persons are still at high risk, restrictions for vaccinated persons have decreased significantly. The New Normal Team recommended to the Board that UUCJ plan to resume in-person worship services in September 2021, while continuing the option of participation via Zoom.

A lot of work needs to be done over the summer to restart programs. There are many ways to participate. The UUCJ Board has one vacancy. Several committees need members and leadership. Look on the web site and see which committee might be a fit for you. The task of reopening is easier if more people participate. Please lend your talents and time to get us back together.

The UUA General Assembly will be held at the end of the month. There are several important issues that have an impact on our congregation. Please refer to the website for details. Rev. Johnson and Vince Ober will be attending. If anyone else is attending, please let Virginia know.


Vince Ober
UUCJ Board President

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