Arlington Community Services update

Be as Generous as You Can – Thanks for Helping Our Neighbors in Arlington

The UUCJ Teamsters delivered 67 lbs. on Monday, and Cyd Reider gave 36 lbs. of groceries for 103 lbs. so far this week.

Message from Mary Louise Weber, Executive Director of Arlington Community Services, which includes a list of needs:

Thank you for the bountiful donations of food, masks, blankets, and monetary gifts you have given in April. We fed 127 clients, 16 homeless, and helped 20 folks with rent or JEA because of your generosity! The postal food drive has been canceled again, but we are thankful for your help in stocking our shelves.

Pantry needs are pop-top pork & beans, tomatoes, tuna in pouches, sardines, rice, gravy, canned pasta, and clean T-shirts for our homeless. Be blessed and stay safe!

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