President’s Report

Several years ago, the committee structure of the church was changed to coordinate the many activities in the church.  With the decline in membership and limitation in programs over the last several years, several committees are not active.  When issues arise, Board members are assigned to handle the jobs.  The number of things that need to be done often exceeds the amount of time Board members have to do the work.  Should the committee structure be changed, or should the activity of the present committees be resumed?  With so many other changes, many Board members feel the present structure should be maintained.  So, we, the congregation need to help.  Members interested in serving on a committee as a member or chair, please step up and participate.  The committee structure is on the web site.  All committees can use members.  The following committees need chairs: Denominational Affairs Committee, Congregational Life Committee, Membership, Mission Funding, Social Action Committee, Children/Youth Religious Education (CYREC).  If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Board.

The Ministerial Search Committee has continued their work.  They have interviewed two candidates and are enthusiastic about attracting a great individual to be our minister.

The congregational survey by Mike Plummer as been completed by over 59 members. If you have not had a chance to complete the survey, please do. If you have any questions, please contact Mike or any Board member.

The Capital Campaign has suggested an outdoor “show and tell” event at the church to present the details of the project and lead a tour, including large scale mounted architectural space plans and 3D drawings of the various features of the project: the social hall, the kitchen, the new bathrooms and elevator, the enlarged patio area, deck, and gazebo. Look out for more details soon.

And still, COVID -19 is not gone and is likely to remain a problem.  More people are getting vaccinated, but many are unable or unwilling to get the vaccine and will continue to be at risk of getting an infection and passing that infection on to others.  The UUA has recommended hybrid (combined in-person and virtual) programs in the future.  The Board is investigating equipping the sanctuary, social hall, and several board rooms to be able to handle hybrid activities.  

Thanks to all who contribute so much to UUCJ.  We should be extremely proud of all that we do for our congregation and for the Northeast Florida community.

Vince Ober
UUCJ Board President

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