Letter from The President

The UUCJ Board has been busy this year. In January, we have met on two occasions to plan for 2021. 

The first session was to discuss the UUCJ governance structure and the roles and responsibilities of each board member.  We have organized an excellent group dedicated to working closely with the congregation.

The second session was to discuss goals and objectives for 2021.  To get some idea about the previous and current desires of the congregation, we studied the comprehensive strategic plan published in 2020 and comments from the visioning workshop done one year ago.  

The Strategic Plan did an in-depth survey of the congregation and summarized their feelings that the church should:

  1. Emphasize social justice. 
  2. Strengthen UUCJ community.
  3. Ground our theology and spirituality.
  4. Expand UUCJ presence in Jacksonville.
  5. Stay in our current location.
  6. Strengthen finances.

The members at the visioning workshop thought the most important included: having a full-time minister, improving our buildings, building a strong shared ministry, stewardship, and addressing the needs of members of all ages.

The Board developed goals for 2021 include:

  1. Reestablish in-person UUCJ services while preserving remote access for all members.
  2. Recruit a full-time minister.
  3. Work to improve church facilities.
  4. Reestablish RE programs for adults and children.
  5. Recruit new members and improve the new member orientation.

In February, the Board met several times to explore options for a full-time minister.  We plan to soon form a search committee.  We have learned that there are many excellent candidates this year.

We look forward to a return to in-person church activities and developing new and exciting programs for UUCJ.  

Vince Ober, UUCJ Board President

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