From the Minister

I was pleased with the good-sized group which joined me for “Unitarian Universalism—Then and Now” on Sunday afternoon, February 7. The intent of the presentation was to show how our seven core principles have drawn on mystical traditions, humanist teachings, Judaism, Christianity, prophetic traditions, world religions, and nature-based religions to create current Unitarian Universalism. The genius of our faith has been its enrichment by several traditions in support of the common values to which we are committed.  I would like to offer this presentation and discussion again on Sunday afternoon, March 7, 2:30. If you would like to take part, you can register by clicking here.

On another note, Carol and I have just scheduled our first Covid vaccination after many hours over many days of trying. What a relief it is. We have wondered why Carol’s sister in Minnesota got her vaccinations some time ago and then we looked up the relevant statistic and learned that there are five times as many people aged 65-plus in Florida than there are in Minnesota. What a blessing it is to see our future open up to the delights of normalcy—something I fervently wish for everyone.

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