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Last fall I delivered a sermon on “What About God” in response to suggestions made in the meet the minister sessions.   A request was made for a written copy of the sermon which I did not have readily available but I did send on a copy of a paper entitled “God and Evil” which covers the same ground.  The suggestion was made that I distribute it through our newsletter and Facebook page which I am happy to do.You can download by clicking below:

Over the years I have occupied a theological position somewhere between religious humanism and naturalistic theism.    The paper presents my exploration of process theology as developed by Alfred North Whitehead and others which claims that the symbol God is best understood as the evolutionary lure to further harmony and intensity in the world.  The opposite of harmony is discord and the opposite of intensity is triviality.    In this way  of thinking, God is not omnipotent.

I look forward to your responses to the paper and hope to offer a discussion of it via Zoom sometime in the future.

On another note I have sent out the Zoom information for adult education offerings on Feb 7 and 14.  If you signed up with me for one or both of these but have not received it, please e-mail me at .

Rev. Paul

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