From the Minister

The last report I received from Virginia, our administrator, put the total of  pledges for the coming year at about $189,000, which leaves us $11,000 below the amount necessary to receive a challenge grant of $41,000 from a generous anonymous donor. If we don’t make this goal by December 31, the finance committee and board will have to significantly reduce the budget for 2021 which we approved at the December 13 congregational meeting.

It would be a shame if we didn’t make it. If you haven’t yet made your pledge, please call the church office and do so right away. It will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps you are in a position to add to your pledge to help reach the goal. This is what Carol and I are going to do in a way.   We have already pledged to two congregations in which we hold membership. In order to help edge our way to the goal we are pledging $1,000 to this congregation, so we only have $10,000 to go.

It is important to realize that if you are unable to make a pledge for 2021 it is possible to ask for a waiver, no questions asked, in order to retain your membership. Just e-mail me at .

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Rev. Paul

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