COVID-19 Update

I was asked to include a weekly E-Blast update on the COVID-19.  So here is my take.  This week has been a good one.  One COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer was approved last week, another from Moderna will be approved by the time you read this.  Others are being tested.  They reportedly work well with minimal side effects.  Immunizations have started for healthcare workers and over the next several months more and more groups will be treated.  And If you do become infected with COVID-19, treatments are much better than the beginning of 2020.  

However, the percentage of positive cases today, total numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths remain high.  The risk of getting infected increases with close contact with others, being in closed spaces with poor ventilation and being in crowds:

Wearing appropriate masks reduces the risk of infection and transmission.  We need to continue to be cautious until the situation has improved, and we can all to be together again in the spring.

~ Vince Ober, New Normal Team Chair

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