Congregational Meeting Update

Approximately 55 members and friends of UUCJ attended the virtual Congregational Meeting on December 13. Thank you to all who attended.  Attendees approved the slate of Board Nominees—Nancy Murrey-Settle, Munsell McPhillips and Teri Mitchell were elected to serve three-year terms on the UUCJ Board of Directors.  Thank you!  (You can view their bios on the UUCJ website, at:

Attendees also approved the proposed Mission Budget for 2021, also available to see on the UUCJ website.  Vince Ober has been selected to be President of the Board of Directors.  Elizabeth Dion will remain on the board for an additional year as Treasurer, and Tessie Bond will be Vice-President.  Selection of Portfolio Leaders and Board Secretary will be finalized at the January 5 Board meeting.

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