Speaker Bio: Karen Christiansen

Karen’s immediate family includes her husband Ken, two sons and 4 grandchildren. After retiring from 30 years of teaching, Karen attended Meadville Lombard seminary in Chicago. One highlight of that experience was being on the board of the Hyde Park transitional housing project. This was an interfaith effort of neighborhood churches to house homeless families and mentor them for up to two years. Transitions like this take time, but prove life changing. Another highlight was serving as a chaplain at the University of Chicago hospitals.

Karen moved to Florida 10 years ago and joined BBUUC. At BBUUC Karen currently serves as a chaplain with the Pastoral Care Team. She is a team leader for ICARE. She has also led small groups on the topics of the history of UU, water in the environment, The New Jim Crow, cakes for the queen of heaven, faith like a river, Evensong, and Heart to Heart along with teaching religious education classes for children on Sunday mornings. 

In the era of COVID-19, Karen is enjoying her back yard and zooming with family, friends, and zoom groups.

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