Covenant between Board and Rev. Paul

Dear UUCJ Members and Friends —
In October, the UUCJ Board and Rev. Paul participated in a gathering facilitated by Rev. Carmen Emerson to help us develop mutual goals for Rev. Paul’s time with us.  We also used that time in part to craft a covenant between the Board and Rev. Paul that will serve as a guide to how we interact with each other.  To see this covenant, download the document below: 

At the November board meeting, we used discussion from this gathering to develop two short-term goals, and one long-term goal, to provide us with a template for the remainder of the year.

  • Enhance the frequency of communication with the congregation through multiple venues, including the weekly Eblast, Facebook, and emails to the congregation.
  • Begin the process of developing a deeper understanding of Shared Ministry using resources provided by Rev. Carmen.
  • Commitment to intentional and enhanced Shared Ministry for UUCJ as we move into the future.  

You will have a new Board in 2021, which will go through this same discernment process.  Thank you to all of you for your ongoing commitment and love of UUCJ.

Rev. Paul Johnson
Penny Reid

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