New on the UUCJ Campus: Climate Change Staff Gauge

The Adaptation Task Force commissioned and recently installed a Climate Change Staff Gauge near the boardwalk at the edge of the pond. A staff gauge is a ruler used to measure the level of a body of water, and ours is marked to show the expected water level rise in the pond over coming decades. It also includes reference levels corresponding to affected parts of the campus. This staff gauge will be a tangible reminder of the steady water level increase occurring due to the warming of our planet driven by human activity. It will encourage us to keep pressing for reduced greenhouse gas emissions according to our principle of respect for the interdependent web of existence, and to plan and invest in the protection of our place of worship from the rising ocean.

Recalling the Vulnerability Study completed in February, the lower level of the UUCJ campus is vulnerable to sea level rise. A link to the complete Vulnerability Report is on the Member Resources web page, The Adaptation Task Force is a team tasked with recommending steps the church can take to mitigate climate change impact so we can keep our campus strong and vibrant.

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